We are a Sponsorship Management Company, and we are here to make great sponsorship collaborations happen!

Sponsorship Sales

We give our company-clients our list of well-curated upcoming events, connecting them to events they prefer, helping brands to negotiate to get the best value of the sponsorship, and making sure all things are prepared and communicated until the Big-Day.

Oh, and we don’t charge any fee to our company-clients. What’s on table is what’s on table.

Proposal Creation

We use our own secret-recipe to create the most effective proposal you will ever need to execute the event. The proposal is your medium to communicate. It has to be perfect.

Asset Audit & Valuation

Our Creative Team will uncover all possible sponsorship assets that an event has, with our own methodologies to create effective and clear sponsorship ideas. This is the part where all crazy abstract ideas can be turned into numbers.

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“Don’t ask for cash from sponsors, Imagine what they want.”

– Matt Prior –