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For event organizers, it’s no longer a secret that getting sponsors is one of the most difficult process at work.

Meanwhile, companies curated dozens, if not hundreds of event proposals each day just to find some events worth to sponsor. Sixthman Sponsorship is built to solve these issues passionately.

We are best placed to assist your company when identifying and negotiating sponsorship opportunities.

Coming from various background of skills and knowledges, we complete our work by using our finishing touch of creativity.

Therefore, we would always love to do your sponsorship projects because we love collaborations, and we love getting the job done.

Meet the Team


Zain Johansyah

Head of Event

Gani Naufal

Head of Brand Relation

Nicola Christie

Managing Director

Andrika Prakasa

Head of Finance

Satrio Prisetya

Head of People

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“Don’t ask for cash from sponsors, Imagine what they want.”

– Matt Prior –